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Tonight I went down to the pool again, needed some air and saw that this great band was playing again. This is some clips I made of them with my camera, sorry that they are so rough but I was trying to not get accosted by all the people on the dance floor and still get a small clip of this magic taking place.

I went over and talked to them during their break and they were fabulous, genuine people that was real nice to see. Their band is called PopArt and all come from Split and near by and they’ve been together as a band for a few years. They were doing this gig as part of a “Summer Nights” event for the city of Biograd for the tourists in this free open air water polo area, that is why they were singing English hits. They also perform many local songs as well as working on their own original ones to hopefully record an album.

What totoally fliped me out was the fusion and energy on stage, at least for this part of the world it is pretty rare to see, but these girls had it in spades and really worked the stage well together, Just fabulous!


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