Archive for December 27th, 2006

This is an old clip I found of “rock me” by RIVA, it won EuroSong contest in 1989 and subsequently allowed Zagreb to host the Eurosong event the next year, It was still united Yugoslavia then but a Croatian artist and as you can see in the clip it is full of clips from the coastal city of Zadar, no doubt the town she is from.

What I like in this is the obvious 80’s feel (capturing the era) and it’s international appeal even though it is mostly in Serbo-Croatian except for the line “rock me baby” which is hilarious, and I think a quality that has been lost of late in Eurosong entries and modern contemporary music altogether from this area. Certainly in Croatia and from what I’ve seen in Slovenia too, the inability to have a good time and make good music too, there has been some but this is really a jewel and it shows in that it had for it’s time Continental appeal, something no local music industry has been able to do since.


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