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ravebar-edit.jpgI’m just fascinated reading an article in the Slovenia Times (an English language local newspaper). Really, I do not think a last page mention did it justice, but it is really a great story of two Slovenes who thought out-of-the-box and drove across the world in their SUV over two years. This is Uroš and Kristina Ravbar, they just quit their jobs, (after a lot of preparation) told their families good-bye and drove off . Not only did they see the world but they got a first-hand feel of world cultures that no text book experience or foreign relations committee can match.

I was especially amazed at their discoveries of people in the middle-east and Muslim cultures as there is so much bad media these days on that it is very easy to get a tainted perception if you do not know better, and the only way to do that is to meet them and see that they for the most part are really just like the rest of us.

A few months ago I was going for a hike in the countryside near Žiri and talking with some locals and mentioned that one of my brothers lives in Turkey with his family. Their reaction was “oh, but their like another religion, it’s dark and dangerous here” etc. I understand their reservations as compared to Slovenia nearly every country in the world seems more dangerous, but that should not stop people from looking or even stepping out and experiencing different experiences. Slovenia is way too small (only 20,273 square kilometers of land, 153 in size in the world) for people to get tunnel-vision; there is a whole big world out there that does not know the warmth and friendship of a Slovene.

I know there are many Slovenians who do when they can either for holiday or work but it is more the mentality then anything that Slovenes should be more flexible, go and eat a different food, get a book at the store about some other land, get more of a global vision. I’ve heard there are about 300 Slovenes (out of 2M) registered in Japan but only 100 Japanese (out of 12+ million) here in Slovenia, so Slovenes not the only ones.

I think these lectures and book the Ravbars are doing now is a fantastic example to their generation that dreams can be done, as well as a great impromptu showcase on Geo-politics. I’m living my dream, it’s not as adventurous as driving the world in a 4×4 with fantastic camera gear but I’m doing my part and trying to get this part of the world more known and that to someone else in their condo or grass hut looks just as “dangerous and exotic” to them.

We all have got something to give and experience from others, may we never stop learning and experiencing.

Check out their website (only found it in Slovenian language), but there is plenty of color photographs on the site that are just amazing, and a monster book they printed of the whole experiance.


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