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Here is something new I will add to this blog of pictures that I take that are not necessarily taken to illustrate my writings or city experiences but more for fun and a candid look into life in the XYZone.

Today I was in Celje so pictures will be from there but some could have been from anywhere, I’ll post proper pics of the sights and write about the city at another time.

For a Picture of the Day fix (mostly sights from Slovenia that you will not see anywhere else) you must only pay a visit to the cyber Piran Cafe, tell him I sent you and stay as long as you like, the tab is on me.

Banking on the Savior?


This picture is in Celje and I thought it interesting that this bank had one of the largest crucifix on it I’ve seen here. Slovenia is a Catholic country but not to the dramatic displays of their fath to the tunes of Mexico or the Philippine Islands, my feeling is that in the wonderful architectural design it was not first intended to be a bank but it is now. It does illustrate the struggle I see people here experience and feel that God is way up there and not on their level and the bank/credit/capitalistic world is at their eye level and their tangible god of right now.

Law and Order


This is a gorgeous old building that has brass wall-plates reading “Odvetnik” (attorney) and a posh law firm in the ground floor on the Celje city center but is just abandoned on the top making for a stark contrast but very common sight here as people do not seem to realise that if the top of the building rots, leaks or falls down all their investments on the bottom floor are useless, but then they are lawyers, they can sue.

If Mr. Bean were born a Balkan…


…he’d drive this Zastava 750 and be really cool and prompt a luxury car brand to buy the rights to it and make a remake that would be featured in blockbuster Hollywood movies, driven by good robbers and smart blonde’s (go figure), and cost as much as a full car for only half the leg room and support the whole economy of Serbia, but alas, he is from that little island that sings to a queen and drives a car who’s name even makes reference to it’s tininess, what a bean-head.

This proud car was once the ‘people’s car of Yugoslavia’, now it is the only car you are still legally allowed to drive fully intoxicated and if all your driving points are gone…if you can get your grandma’s one to start (don’t worry you won’t go anywhere), though not something you would want to get stuck inside of with a full balder, not even the front seat.

This one is nicely restored and a nice paint job on it. There are not many left, at least not road-worthy in Slovenia unlike Bosnia and Serbia. I would love to have one one day before they are all gone, not that I’d ever fit driving in one but a great piece of automotive history from former yu go slav…eh…ah.

It is kind of like the bumble-bee theory, it does not know it can’t fly so it does, no, this is like people did not know cars could go more then 40 km/h and sit on a seat bigger then a thumbnail in the 60’s so they drove this 25 HP car and were still making them up untill 1985!

They say “freedom has no limits” and so I’m sure people were just happy to be on the road and own their own car, while passing up others on mules, but perhaps these designers should have had just a little bigger vision, like a convertible model or at least a sunroof so those of us more then 5 foot tall could enjoy driving it too – from the back seat.

This is how one guy drives (or should I say drags) his

This is how everyone else does.


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