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Arguably one of the brightest contributions since Tesla, turning the photo magazine world to a slower sensible speed, just enough to look and enjoy the things that make our world what we run outside to photograph in the first place,  we lose that joy somewhere along the way in the rush to download from our cameras and up to the internet to one of the many online clubs and forums before the other guy does. While PDF magazines are nothing new this teams collection, diversity and quality is quite astounding.

Over the years I have seen the quality and dedication of other Croatia photographers and fellow members on Deviant Art, but this is really taking it farther and providing a platform that DA does not for local and international talent.

Not only am I euphoric for this as a Croatian brainchild and free service from a photographic standpoint to the worldwide photographic print community, but in being a member of other photo clubs and magazines online and the recent closer of JPG magazine in New York that I had an account with that could not get financing in these hard times makes this project starting it’s second years a great accomplishment. I also see it as wonderful proof of what I’ve been saying these last ten years I’ve loved and lived in this country. Croatia’s national treasure is its people! Those that want to get out of the box of the narrow confines of yesteryears and create dreams into reality can make them just as much or maybe better then western counterparts, ideas translated into actions are the green renewable energy of the future, they run this world already and now we are getting the light BULB turned on here as well with this new example of this team’s dedication and initiative.
I have only read one magazine (#9) as of writing this but have downloaded all the other PDFs and will give them a great looking at as soon as I can, and probably more then once. See, download, participate, BULB today!


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This little hilltop hamlet situated 500 meters above sea level overlooks the Kvarner bay as a neat little gem. Unlike the much larger and populated town of Kastav this is almost bare and deserted other then a few touristic looking signs and shops around the St. Mark church and the rest of the town quaint old houses of locals who still live in the village. I could see it being much more of a tourist spot then it currently is and old stone buildings laying in ruin just waiting to be renovated into a agro-tourist (home cooking) style restaurant one day.

grad-veprinac A  view from the road


St. Mark church at the top of the hill.


One of the local houses made out of rocks to match the look of the old walls.


View of the bay and Rijeka city from the church of St. Mark courtyard.

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