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Yes, my camera finally came to the end of its little shutter-life. At about four years and nearly then 10,200 pictures it has lived a full and well deserved footnote in my blog that has been responsible for all of the pictures and video posted on this site to date. The good news is that now that I do not have a camera I will have time to go back over the old pictures and post backlogs of the last few years, the video function still works too so there might be more video content then pictures for the next little while till I can come up with some better gear and there is a renewed call for sponsorship for those that are able.


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This is a funny link I found, I saw the show on TV but not this interview. It is of the Croatian singer Severina at a interview at Eurosong 2006, she had a spirited number in a red dress that you either loved or hated, it made it to the finals and finished 13th.

Click on the play button or read this rough transcript I tried to understand what they were saying, neither the commentator or Severina speak English very well and it is confusing but he seems to be hinting at things and she puts him right in his place, he should know better then to mess with a Croatian girl, Severina has a sting to her and gets the last laugh.

Watch the guy on her left as he is really uncomfortable, turns embarrassed, then relived once it is all over. What might have been a routine press interview was not and we got this great clip to show for it.

moderator: give us if you may…clear thought what are you are trying to transmit (a sexy image?)…your song is in Croatian, we don’t speak Croatian can you explain about your song…

…explain this if you please…

Severina: Ok,…um…you see…you probably all your life…have the same girl…same house, same shoes. But i like to complicate my life…because it’s my taste…we are different!

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