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I’ve been blogging for some time on other sites and decided to start this all new blog to write and share my experiences traveling around the region of Europe commonly referred to as former Yugoslavia. They are now the independent republics of Slovenia, Hrvatska (Croatia), Bosnia i Hertsagovina, Serbia i Montenegro (for now), Macedonia and UN administered Kosovo, I’ve settled for calling it the XYZone for this blog for simplicity’s sake. I know that despite sharing a part of history together there are many differences and I do not want to generalize or it would be the same as saying all countries in Western Europe are alike, they’re not and neither are you. I aim to put politics aside and use this blog to celebrate each country’s unique history, heritage, culture and people and my personal on-the-ground experiences. My purpose is to give a unique outsiders’ look into this region both for those of you amazing people who call this region home and those of you who have little or no knowledge of this land and my hope is it will inspire you also to visit and explore the wonders of this area for yourself living in the XYZone, but until then there is always my blog.


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